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Size(s) : 4LT.

• 1 LT. • 4 LT. • 19LT. • 200LT.

VELUBE-1fully synthetic is the ultimate in engine oil technology. It is an SAE 5W-40 fully synthetic, extra high performance gasoline engine oil incorporating state-of-the-art component technology and low friction viscometrics to provide maximum horsepower output, superior wear protection and as-new engine cleanliness.


API SN/CF, VW 502.00/505.00, ACEA A3-98, B3-98 & B4-98, Porsche ‘GL' Approval, BMW ‘Longlife Oil' and Mercedes Benz 229.1.



• As-new engine cleanliness
• Superior wear protection
• Significant fuel savings
• Prolonged engine life
• Increased power
• Excellent high temperature stability
• Easy starting in cool weather
• Outstanding diesel & 4-stroke motorcycle performance