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VELOIL Racing Performance 15W-50

Size(s) : 4LT.

• 1 LT. • 4 LT. • 19 LT. • 200 LT.

VELOIL Racing Performance 15W-50 is a premium heavy duty SAE 15W-50 engine oil designed primarily for lubrication of gasoline passenger cars including those fitted with turbo chargers and is compatible with catalytic converters. It is recommended for all service conditions and is also suitable for most light duty diesel engine vehicles.

API Service SN/CF, ACEA A2-96 Issue 2, B2-98, Mercedes Benz 229.1, VW 500/501/505.

• Outstanding engine cleanliness
• Improved wear protection
• Extended engine life
• Optimal power
• Outstanding diesel performance
• Excellent high temperature stability
• Easy starting in cool weather
• Approved by major engine builders