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Size(s) : 1LT.

• 200 Ml. • 19 LT. • 1 LT.

VELCOOL Hi-TECH is a state-of-the-art automotive engine/radiator coolant specifically formulated for the high ambient temperatures of South East Asia. The overall result is lower operating temperatures, a cooler running engine, improved engine durability and lower maintenance costs. It is recommended for the cooling system of most types of cast iron and especially alloy combustion engines including motorcycle, gasoline, mobile & stationary diesel, LPG and LNG. It contains Monoethylene Glycol to provide overheating and frost protection
Ford Specification ESR-FM7C35-C, British Standard BS 6580, Japanese Standard JIS K2234, Australian Standard AS/NZ 2108.1.1997, ASTM D1384 & ASTM D4340


•  Highest level of corrosion protection
•  Excellent heat transfer for most efficient engine performance
•  Lower operating temperatures
•  Extends engine life and reduces engine maintenance
•  Long coolant life – typically 2 years or 40,000 km
•  Reduces pump wear
•  Combats overheating and provides frost control